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Nutley Street (Route 243) Interchange
The I-66/Nutley Street Interchange is being redesigned to improve safety, better manage traffic flow, and integrate the new shared-use path at this busy junction near the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail Station.
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Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail Station Area
New Express Lanes ramp access and improved bicycle and pedestrian connections will make the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail Station a more robust multi-modal hub for commuters and other travelers.
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Route 123 Interchange
Major reconstruction is planned for the Route 123 interchange, including adding access to the new express lanes, improving safety for roadway users, replacing bridge spans, and connecting the future I-66 trail with the City of Fairfax. 
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Route 28 Interchange
Major changes are coming to Route 28, including rebuilding the I-66 interchange to add Express Lanes access, removing all traffic signals between Westfields Boulevard and Route 29, and connecting Braddock Road and Walney Road with a new bridge. Some improvements will be in place by late 2020.
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