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About the Project

Gallows Road

Gallows Road is being rebuilt where it crosses I-66. The new alignment will include improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities on the bridge over I-66 and access to the new shared-use path being built along I-66. The new design will:

  • Straighten Gallows Road to improve sightlines for travelers
  • Add bike lanes and wider sidewalks in each direction on the bridge over I-66
  • Leave room for future widening of Gallows Road to the north toward Tysons
  • Connect to the new shared-use path being built along I-66

Get a closer look at what’s planned through the Transform 66 Interactive Map.

New Gallows Road Bridge Opening and Traffic Shifts

The new Gallows Road Bridge over I-66 will be built in two phases so that it can remain open for vehicles and pedestrians during construction. The first portion of the new bridge is just to the east of the current bridge and will open in October. Two-way traffic with two lanes in each direction will run on the Gallows Road North Bridge while the southbound portion of the bridge is constructed. The new bridge will be wider and include improved bike and pedestrian access. The new southbound crossing includes a shared-use path that will connect to the Dunn Loring Metrorail Station and the new 66 Parallel Trail. The remainder of the bridge is estimated to be complete in summer 2022.

Pedestrian access will remain on the west side of the old Gallows Road Bridge until the southbound travel lanes are shifted in the second half of October. Once southbound travel lanes are shifted to the new Gallows Road Bridge, pedestrian access across I-66 will be on the east side of the new bridge, with detours using the crosswalks at Cottage Street and Avenir Place/Bellforest Drive, as demolition and construction continue. Access to the Dunn Loring Metrorail Station, Stenwood Elementary School, and other destinations will be maintained while the southbound bridge is being built.

The new Gallows Road Bridge will be wider and include a 5’ bike lane in each direction. Pedestrians will be able to use a 7’ wide sidewalk along northbound Gallows Road or a 10’ wide barrier-separated path along southbound Gallows Road.

Northbound Gallows Road Travel Lanes Shifted to New Alignment at I-66 on October 14

Northbound Gallows Road travel lanes shifted to a new Gallows Road Bridge on October 14. The southbound travel lanes are planned to shift to the new span during the week of October 18.

Demolition of Old Bridge Scheduled to Begin Around October 23

Demolition of the current Gallows Road Bridge over I-66 will begin on/about October 23, following the shift of northbound and southbound traffic to the new Gallows Road Bridge. Drivers should expect nightly lane closures on I-66 East and West near Gallows Road as bridge demolition progresses. A new bridge will be built in its place, which will carry southbound traffic and the shared-use path in the final configuration (estimated in early 2022). 

To protect motorists and work crews, demolition work that occurs over I-66 travel lanes and the Dunn Loring Metrorail Station will be completed during the overnight hours (typically between 11 p.m. and 5a.m.), when multiple lanes of I-66 can be closed and it is safe to work over the Metrorail station and tracks. Demolition work that does not occur over I-66 travel lanes will be completed during daytime hours, whenever possible. Approximately 30-40 nights of work is expected to tear down the old crossing, depending on weather and other factors, and is anticipated to continue through late fall 2021. (There will be no demolition work over the Thanksgiving holiday.)

Demolition of the old Gallows Road Bridge involves breaking up the concrete deck using jackhammers, saw cutters, and hoe rams, followed by removal of the steel bridge beams and concrete piers and abutments

Demolition work over the Dunn Loring Metrorail Station will be closely coordinated with WMATA and must be done during the overnight hours. The span over the station must be demolished with saw cutters to protect the station and rail tracks beneath.

When work over the Dunn Loring Metrorail Station is completed, crews will then demolish the northern half of the old bridge, followed by the southern half. The spans over I-66 East and West, and the bridge piers can only be demolished during the overnight hours when multi-lane closures on I-66 are allowed. The spans farthest north and farthest south and the old bridge abutments will be demolished during the daytime hours.

The Transform 66 Project team recently held a virtual construction update meeting on these upcoming activities on October 4. View a recording of the online presentation and question-and-answer session below. Download the presentation here.

Meeting Materials

Postcard about upcoming work - PDF, 2.1MB
Meeting Presentation - PDF, 1MB

New Shared-Use Path

A 10-foot-wide shared-use path is being built parallel to I-66 from Dunn Loring to Centreville as part of the project, with its eastern terminus at Gallows Road. This paved trail will provide cyclists and pedestrians with off-road access to Metrorail stations, parks, other trails, and communities stretching from Dunn Loring to Centreville. Sidewalks and bike lanes along Gallows Road will connect the new path to the nearby W&OD Trail. Learn more here.

Construction Update (Updated September 7, 2021)

Approaches are being constructed that will tie in the new Gallows Road Bridge northbound span with the existing Gallows Road. New noise walls can be seen along I-66 West. (August 24, 2021)

Northbound Gallows Road travel lanes shifted to a new Gallows Road Bridge on October 14. (Looking north from Avenir Place and Bellforest Drive. (October 15, 2021))

Looking north from the new Gallows Road Bridge toward Stenwood Elementary School (left) and Stenhouse Place (right). (October 15, 2021)

View of new crosswalk across Stenhouse Place. Entrance to Stenwood Elementary is in the background. (October 15, 2021)

Looking south from Stenhouse Place toward the new Gallows Road Bridge. (October 15, 2021)

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Noisy construction activities such as bridge demolition and pile driving will be avoided at night, when possible. Noise to expect at night includes back-up alarms on equipment and trucks, which is necessary to protect worker safety.
  • Lighting of the construction work area will be directed to minimize light pollution for nearby residents.
  • Pedestrian access over I-66 and to Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metrorail Station will be maintained on at least one side of Gallows Road during construction.
  • The project team has met regularly with Stenwood Elementary School administrators about minimizing construction impact on school activities.
  • Project emails and website will be used to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work.

What Drivers Can Expect

  • Gallows Road will remain open during construction, but there will be long-term and short-term traffic shifts and other traffic pattern changes during construction.
  • Drivers should expect additional changes as work progresses at the interchange. Sign up for project email updates to keep up to date.


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Work begins on new bridge pier and abutments
Summer 2019
Noise wall removal and replacement begin Early 2020
Bridge beam placement and road re-alignment construction begins August 2020
Bridge for new northbound Gallows Road complete, traffic shifted September 2021
Demolition of old bridge and construction of new southbound Gallows Road September/October 2021
Gallows Road bridge complete, traffic shifted Fall 2022
Express lanes open December 2022


Segment 3_08 Dunn Loring - PDF, 10.625MB
Presentation to Stenhouse Place HOA (October 2019) - PDF, 2.1MB
Stenhouse Place Area Noise Wall Removal Flyer (April 2020) - PDF, 2MB
Briefing Presentation for Gallows Bridge Beam Lift (August 2020) - PDF, 10MB
Gallows Road Beam Lift Flyer - PDF, 2.4MB
Gallows Road Beam Lift Flyer - Spanish - PDF, 3.1MB
Gallows Road Shift and Bridge Demolition Postcard (September 2021) - PDF, 2.1MB