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I-495 Interchange

I-495 Interchange

The I-66/I-495 Interchange is being modified with several new ramps and connections as part of the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project. The new interchange design will:

  • Add access to and from the existing 495 Express Lanes and the new I-66 Express Lanes
  • Allow drivers to switch from Express Lanes to General Purpose Lanes – or vice versa – when changing roadways
  • Replace noise walls in several places at the interchange
  • Add noise walls along I-66 West near Idywlood Park

Get a closer look at what’s planned through the Transform 66 Interactive Map.

Partial Demolition of Three Bridges at the I-66/I-495 Interchange Planned During March and April 2022

Partial demolition of three bridges at the I-66/I-495 Interchange began in early March and will continue through about late April, depending on weather and other factors. Work is needed to add connections for ramps to and from the new I-66 Express Lanes.

Partial demolition of the bridge decks is occurring on the south side of the I-66 West Bridge over I-495 North; on the east side of the ramp from the 495 Express Lanes South to I-66 West; and on the north side of the ramp from I-66 East to I-495 North. This nighttime demolition requires the use of jackhammers, saw cutters, and hoe rams.

Since demolition will occur over I-495 North travel lanes and over the ramp from I-66 East to the 495 Express Lanes South, this work can only be completed during the overnight hours (typically 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.) when multiple lanes of I-495 and the ramp can be closed for the safety of workers and motorists.

The project will make every effort to minimize impacts to neighbors, however, some demolition activities will generate unavoidable noise and other impacts. Measures will be taken to lessen construction impacts, including hauling away concrete to be processed off-site, directing lighting toward roadway/away from residences, and monitoring vibration and demolition noise. Learn more here.

Noise Wall Replacement and Addition Near the I-495 Interchange

Construction of new ramps will require several sections of noise walls to be demolished and rebuilt in the northwest, northeast, and southeast quadrants of the I-495 Interchange. Additionally, a section of older wood noise wall along I-66 East between the ramp from I-495 North and Virginia Lane will be replaced toward the end of the project.

The project final noise analysis identified a section of new noise wall that will be built along I-66 West near the W&OD Trail and Idylwood Park.  

Learn more about noise walls and the Transform 66 Project here. Download the final noise analysis report sections covering the I-495 Interchange area below:

Segment 3C FDNA Technical Memo – Southwest Quadrant of I-66/I-495 Interchange - PDF, 11.9MB
Segment 3C FDNA Technical Memo – Southeast Quadrant of I-66/I-495 Interchange - PDF, 6MB
Segment 3C FDNA Technical Memo – Northwest Quadrant of I-66/I-495 Interchange - PDF, 6.5MB
Segment 3C FDNA Technical Memo – Northeast Quadrant of I-66/I-495 Interchange - PDF, 6MB

Construction Update (Updated March 28, 2021)

Recent Construction Progress:

  • Many bridge piers and abutments have been constructed for future ramp connections
  • Existing ramps have been shifted for construction of bridge piers
  • Bridge beams are being installed for new flyover ramps connecting to the future Express Lanes
  • The W&OD Trail near Idylwood Park has been temporarily shifted to allow for retaining wall construction

Upcoming Construction Activities:

  • Bridge beam installation continues for new flyover ramps, requiring overnight lane closures and traffic stoppages on I-66, I-495, and various ramps
  • Bridge pier construction continues
  • Place bridge beams and pour decking for new ramps
  • Continue replacement and construction of new noise wall

Aerial view of the I-495 Interchange

Aerial view of the I-495 Interchange. (March 20, 2022)

Piers will support new overpasses at the I-495 Interchange. (May 19, 2021)

Piers will support new overpasses at the I-495 Interchange. (May 19, 2021)

Beams have been installed for a new ramp connecting I-495 to the I-66 Express Lanes. (May 19, 2021)

Beams have been installed for a new ramp connecting I-495 to the I-66 Express Lanes. (May 19, 2021)

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Noisy construction activities such as bridge demolition and pile driving will be avoided at night, when possible. Noise to expect at night includes back-up alarms on equipment and trucks, which is necessary to protect worker safety
  • Lighting of the construction work area will be directed to minimize light pollution for nearby residents
  • Project emails and website will be used to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work

What Drivers Can Expect

Temporary Realignment of W&OD Trail at Idylwood Park in Use Until Early 2022

The Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD Trail) near Idylwood Park (between Virginia Lane and the trail bridge over I-495) in Falls Church has been temporarily shifted toward I-66 to accommodate construction of a retaining wall needed for new Express Lanes ramps. This temporary alignment is expected to be in use until early 2022, at which point the trail will be shifted to its post-project alignment closer to Idylwood Park. 

The W&OD Trail adjacent to Idlywood Park in Falls Church has been temporarily realigned until early 2022. The temporary trail will be located slightly south of the current trail alignment adjacent to I-66 West.

Typical cross section of the temporary realignment of the W&OD Trail at Idylwood Park. The trail will be shifted slightly to the south of the current alignment.


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Ramp and bridge work begins 2018
Various traffic shifts and temporary ramp closures for construction and demolition 2018 through 2022
Bridge beam installation Summer 2020 through 2022
Demolition of old bridges 2021
Express Lanes open December 2022


Temporary Lane Closures on Ramp from I-495 South to I-66 West Starting on or about Thursday, January 28, through Mid-March 2021 - Website
I-495 Partial Bridge Demo Outreach Flyer - April 2021 - PDF, 21MB
I-495 Partial Bridge Demo Outreach Flyer - March 2022 - PDF, 7MB

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