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About the Project

Jermantown Road

The Jermantown Road Bridge over I-66 is being rebuilt to accommodate the widening of I-66. The new bridge will include a bike lane and sidewalk in each direction, with nearby connection to the new shared-use path being built along I-66. The new bridge is being built adjacent to the current structure to maintain traffic flow during construction.

Get a closer look at what’s planned through the Transform 66 Interactive Map.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements with the New Bridge

The new bridge will include a bike lane and sidewalk along each side of the bridge that will connect to existing sidewalk and shared-use path along Jermantown Road. Phoenix Drive, located immediately north of I-66, will provide access to the new 66 Parallel Trail, the 10-foot-wide shared-use path that is being built along I-66 from Dunn Loring to Centreville as part of the project. This paved trail will provide cyclists and pedestrians with off-road access to Metrorail stations, parks, neighborhoods, and other trails. Learn more here.

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Noisy construction activities such as bridge demolition and pile driving will be avoided at night, when possible. Noise to expect at night includes back-up alarms on equipment and trucks, which is necessary to protect worker safety
  • Lighting of the construction area will be directed to minimize light pollution for nearby residents
  • Project emails and website will be used to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work

What Drivers Can Expect

Construction Progress

Work on the new Jermantown Road bridge progresses. Crews have poured concrete bridge deck since this photo was taken. (Mar. 20)


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Construction of new bridge begins
Fall 2019
Relocation of nearby noise wall complete
Spring 2021
Traffic shifts to new bridge
Fall 2021
Demolition of old bridge
Fall 2021
Express Lanes open
December 2022


Final Design Noise Analysis – Segment 3A – Route 50 to Blake Lane - PDF, 32.5MB
Final Design Noise Analysis Technical Memo – Segment 3A – Waples Mill Road Area to Jermantown Road Along I-66 West - PDF, 10.9MB