About the Project

Monument Drive

Monument Drive

Monument Drive at I-66 has been modified to add full-time Express Lanes-only access to the east and west. In addition, a new parking garage is being built with project funding.

Express Lanes Access

66 Express Lanes access at Monument Drive will consist of:

  • Ramps to and from the eastbound 66 Express Lanes
  • Ramps to and from the westbound 66 Express Lanes

There will not be access to the I-66 general-purpose lanes. Drivers will continue to access the general-purpose lanes from Route 50 and Route 286 (Fairfax County Parkway).

Monument Drive Express Lanes Access Points

Monument Drive Ramps Are Now Express Lanes-Only Ramps

Crews closed the ramp from Monument Drive to I-66 East on October 25, followed by the closure of the ramp from I-66 West to Monument Drive on November 3, to accommodate continued 66 Express Lanes construction. 

The ramps reopened in November as full-time, Express Lanes-only ramps. The ramps will no longer provide access to/from the I-66 general-purpose lanes.

Monument Drive Parking Garage

The Monument Drive Commuter Parking Garage and Transit Center will include a garage with 820 parking spaces and a transit center with eight bus bays, pick-up/drop-off area, secure bicycle storage, bicycle racks and a Connector store. It will be located at the intersection of Government Center Parkway and Monument Drive, adjacent to the future Express Lanes ramps at Monument Drive. 

Fairfax County is managing construction of the facility, which is planned to open in 2023. The project has an estimated total cost of $43 million which will be funded with $38.5 million from Transform 66 concession project funds and $4.5 million from local funds. Groundbreaking occurred in November 2021.

Monument Parking Garage Rendering
Future Monument Drive Garage (Monument Drive in foreground)

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Construction activities for the new Express Lanes ramps on the west side of Monument Drive, and the Monument Drive Commuter Parking Garage and Transit Center began in 2021 and will ramp up in 2022.
  • Project emails and website will be used to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work.

What Drivers Can Expect

  • Traffic shifts on I-66 and Monument Drive, temporary ramp closures, and other changes are expected to continue through Express Lanes opening in 2022. Sign up for project email updates to keep up to date
  • Drivers should slow down, stay focused, and be alert for new traffic patterns and construction crews.

Aerial view of Gallows Interchange
Aerial view of the Monument Drive interchange. (April 2023)


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Traffic shifts on I-66 near Monument Drive Ongoing
Existing Monument Drive ramps open to full-time, two-way travel September 2020
Construction of Express Lanes ramp on west side of Monument Drive begins 2021
Parking garage construction begins November 2021
Express Lanes opened November 2022


Monument Drive Construction Update Flyer - PDF, 516KB