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About the Project

Monument Drive

Monument Drive at I-66 will be modified to add full-time Express Lanes access to the east and west. In addition, a new parking garage is being built with project funding.

Monument Drive Ramps Open to Full-time, Two-way Traffic

The Monument Drive ramps to I-66 East and from I-66 West converted from alternating, one-way travel to full-time, two-way travel on Wednesday, September 2. Drivers on Monument Drive traveling to I-66 East, and drivers on I-66 West traveling to Monument Drive are now permitted to use the ramps 24 hours a day. 


  • Full-time, two-way travel is now allowed. Two-way traffic on the ramps is separated by flexible road bollards.
  • HOV-2 restrictions remain in place during peak periods. The ramp from Monument Drive to I-66 East is restricted to HOV-2 Only weekdays between 5:30 a.m. and 9: 30 a.m. The ramp from I-66 West to Monument Drive is restricted to HOV-2 Only weekdays between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Only buses, two-axle, and emergency vehicles are permitted to use the ramps. No trucks are allowed to use the ramps at this time.

Monument Drive Parking Garage

The Monument Drive Commuter Parking Garage and Transit Center will include a garage with 820 parking spaces and a transit center with eight bus bays, kiss-and-ride area, secure bicycle storage, bicycle racks and a Connector store. It will be located at the intersection of Government Center Parkway and Monument Drive, adjacent to the future Express Lanes ramps at Monument Drive. 

The project is currently in the design phase with construction anticipated to begin in December 2021. The estimated total cost of this project is $43 million to be funded with $38.5 million from Transform 66 concession project funds and $4.5 million from local funds.

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Construction activities for the new Express Lanes ramps on the west side of Monument Drive are expected to begin in 2021.
  • Project emails and website will be used to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work.

What Drivers Can Expect

  • Traffic shifts on I-66 and Monument Drive, temporary ramp closures, and other changes are expected to continue through Express Lanes opening in 2022. Sign up for project email updates to keep up to date
  • Drivers should slow down, stay focused, and be alert for new traffic patterns and construction crews.


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Traffic shifts on I-66 near Monument Drive Ongoing
Existing Monument Drive ramps open to full-time, two-way travel September 2, 2020
Construction of Express Lanes ramp on west side of Monument Drive begins 2021
Parking garage construction begins December 2021
Express Lanes open Late 2022