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About the Project

Project Sections

Route 28 Interchange

The Transform 66 Project will reconfigure the Route 28 interchange to add Express Lanes access and improve traffic flow on both I-66 and Route 28. The project will remove the four sets of traffic signals on Route 28 between Westfields Boulevard and Route 29, as well as build a new overpass to reconnect Braddock Road and Walney Road. 

The new design:

  • Adds access to and from the future express lanes from Route 28. (Opens December 2022.)
  • Removes traffic signals on Route 28 between Westfields Boulevard and Route 29 in Centreville. (Rolling basis, complete by late 2020.)
  • Shifts access to the ballfields at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park to a new park access road from Stonecroft Boulevard north of the park. (Opens fall 2019.)
  • Builds a new overpass reconnecting Braddock Road and Walney Road (opens late 2020) providing direct access to and from both the new I-66 Express Lanes and general-purpose lanes, as well as to Route 28 to and from the south.

Get a closer look at what’s planned through the Transform 66 Interactive Map.

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Overnight construction activities such as bridge demolition and pile driving will be avoided when possible. However, back-up alarms on equipment and trucks, which are necessary for the safety of construction crews, cannot be avoided at any time.
  • Lighting of the construction area during the nighttime hours will be directed to minimize light pollution for nearby residents.
  • Detours will be in place for extended periods of time to allow for construction.
  • Small-charge dynamite operations will occur around the interchange during summer 2019 to break up underground rock. Blasting activities will generally occur between 11 a.m. and noon, are closely coordinated with safety regulators, and utilize seismic monitoring. Pre-blast structural surveys have been offered for nearby buildings. Contact FAM Construction for more information on these surveys.
  • Every effort will be made to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work through project emails and the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway website.

What Drivers Can Expect

  • Construction-related detours will be in place periodically.
  • New traffic patterns will be implemented as construction progresses.
  • Drivers should slow down, stay focused, and be alert for construction crews.
  • Drivers should expect additional changes as work advances at the interchange. Sign up for project email updates to keep up-to-date.
  • Traffic stoppages will happen regularly around the interchange between 11 a.m. and noon to accommodate underground blasting.
  • Walney Road will be closed between Route 28 and Cabells Mill Drive through fall 2020 while the new Braddock-Walney connector bridge is built. Drivers will be temporarily detoured to Westfields Boulevard to access Walney Road from Route 28. Access to Route 28 North from Walney Road will be permanently directed to Westfields Boulevard. Learn more.


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Clearing activities begin Fall 2018
Bridge and retaining wall construction begin Spring 2019
Walney Road closure between Rt. 28 and Cabells Mill Rd. May 2019 to Fall 2020
E.C. Lawrence Park access road opens Fall 2019
Walney Road-Braddock Road connector bridge opens Fall 2020
Remaining traffic signals removed between Westfields Blvd. and Rt. 29 November 2020
Express Lanes open December 2022


Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 4.9MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 4.8MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 3.2MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 2.9MB
Cross sections - PDF, 26.6MB
Plan and profile - PDF, 40.2MB
Planned I-66 trails near Rt. 28 - PDF, 6.9MB
Upcoming traffic changes (May 2019) - PDF, 3.6MB