Commuter Options

Transform Your Trip While We Transform 66

Major roadway construction means several years of lane shifts, temporary lane closures, and other traffic challenges. The construction team will do its best to minimize the impact of activities on traffic, but drivers should expect to find additional traffic congestion and safety challenges throughout the I-66 corridor both during rush hour and off-peak trips. VDOT and the project team have invested in a broad range of programs to help commuters and others stay mobile and safe during construction. Learn more below.


Taking the bus on I-66 during construction is more affordable with half price bus fares through 2022.

  • Half-price fares are available on Omniride I-66 bus routes from Gainesville and Manassas.
  • Ride for $1 on select Fairfax Connector bus routes that operate on I-66 with access to the Vienna Metro
  • Commuter bus service from Front Royal and Linden park and ride lots to Washington, DC. Daily commuter bus service launched in June, with stops at Rosslyn Metro, Metro Center, and L’Enfant Plaza. Work or relax during your commute with wi-fi, charging stations, comfortable seats, and restrooms aboard the coach bus. The service is sponsored by VDOT and the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission and is eligible for transit subsidies. Learn more and purchase tickets at

PRTC Bus Wrap


Starting or forming a vanpool with other commuters traveling on I-66 is more affordable during construction. Incentives for people creating new vanpools on I-66 include:

  • $200-per-seat subsidy (prorated over four months)
  • $350 gas card incentive for operators of 10+ passenger vans on I-66
  • Free SmartTrip Cards with a preloaded subsidy for I-66 vanpool riders

Vanpool Alliance, the regions vanpool formation resource, can help commuters find and join a vanpool, and can provide more information on how to benefit from starting or joining an I-66 vanpool during construction. Learn more here.



The region's Commuter Connections' Pool Rewards program provides up to $130 for new carpoolers through a trip-tracking process. Commuters who start a three-person carpool on I-66 through 2020 can receive an additional $100 cash reward. These carpools are also eligible for Commuter Connections' Guaranteed Ride Home program. Visit Commuter Connections for more information and to sign up.



Avoid commuting altogether by working remotely or teleworking. Check with your employer to learn about telework options. For employers interested in establishing a telework program, Virginia’s Telework!VA program provides technical advice, on-site assistance, and financial incentives. The Transform 66 project has boosted the financial incentive with a new subsidy of up to $10,000 for Northern Virginia employers within the greater I-66 corridor establishing a program that creates at least 10 new teleworkers. Interested employers should call 1-866-469-1010 or visit Telework!VA.


Local Support
Local governments across Virginia have their own long-standing programs and expertise helping employers and residents with their commutes. In Northern Virginia, that includes Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties.

Know Before You Go
Staying informed about construction and knowing about planned lane closures and traffic changes ahead of time are the best tools available for staying mobile during construction. Travelers are encouraged to look for construction information: