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Concept Plans

Concept Plans Near Gallows Road and Dunn Loring Metro Station

During the concept development phase, VDOT’s I-66 project team determined that WMATA’s existing Traction Power Sub-Station (TPSS) at the Dunn Loring Metro Station needed to be relocated to make room for additional lanes on I-66 Eastbound as you approach the Beltway. As shown below, the sub-station is located very close to the existing lanes.


VDOT worked with WMATA to evaluate potential locations where the TPSS could be moved. Two locations were evaluated:

  • Further to the west near Prosperity Avenue; and
  • North of I-66, east of Gallows Road (on land already required for the project).

I-66 Dunn Loring Traction Power Sub-Station (TPSS) Candidate Relocation Sites



Concerns with relocating the TPSS include:

  • Finding a new site that meets WMATA electrical service requirements and minimizes impacts to the surrounding communities;
  • Overall project schedule impacts; and
  • Added WMATA project work, while Safetrack, Silverline Extension, and other WMATA efforts are underway.

Because of these concerns, concepts were explored to avoid a TPSS relocation.  One option that is shown on the concept plan for Vaden Drive to Gallows Road prepared by I-66 Express Mobility Partners (VDOT’s private partner), is to bridge over the TPSS with a two-lane ramp for general purpose traffic from Eastbound 66 to Southbound 495.


VDOT’s I-66 project team and I-66 Express Mobility Partners are continuing to study options, working with WMATA, and will provide opportunities for public input, and share environmental and traffic analyses results before design plans are finalized.

  • Community briefings on this issue and the overall project are available by request.
  • Information will be provided at Public Information Meetings on June 12, 14 and 15, 2017.
  • Design Public Hearings will be held in fall 2017.