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April 26, 2017 Update on Concept Plans Near Gallows Road and Dunn Loring Metro Station

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced on WTOP’s April 26th “Ask the Governor” Program that following public input, VDOT and its private partner, I-66 Express Mobility Partners (EMP), will not pursue building a flyover ramp south of I-66 at Dunn Loring to bridge over a Metro Traction Power Substation (TPSS).


VDOT and EMP are focused on identifying a new location for the power substation, working with WMATA and Fairfax County.


The project team is working to brief communities along the corridor in advance of public information meetings on June 12, 14 and 15, 2017.


Background Information


During the concept development phase, VDOT’s I-66 project team determined that WMATA’s existing TPSS at the Dunn Loring Metro Station needed to be relocated to make room for additional lanes on I-66 Eastbound as you approach the Beltway. As shown below, the substation is located very close to the existing lanes.


VDOT worked with WMATA to evaluate potential locations where the TPSS could be moved. Two locations were evaluated:

  • Further to the west near Prosperity Avenue; and
  • North of I-66, east of Gallows Road (on land already required for the project).

I-66 Dunn Loring TPSS Candidate Relocation Sites


Challenges with relocating the TPSS include:

  • Finding a new site that meets WMATA electrical service requirements and minimizes impacts to the surrounding communities;
  • Overall project schedule impacts; and
  • Added WMATA project work, while Safetrack, Silverline Extension, and other WMATA efforts are underway.

Because of these concerns, concepts were explored to avoid a TPSS relocation.  The design that was shown on the October 2016 concept plan for Vaden Drive to Gallows Road prepared by EMP was to bridge over the TPSS with a two-lane ramp for general purpose traffic from Eastbound 66 to Southbound 495.  This elevated ramp over the TPSS and Gallows Road is no longer being considered.

As new solutions are identified, they will be shared with the public.