Interactive Mapping Tool

Interactive Map User Information

Welcome to the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway web based interactive map. This tool provides a visual overview of the project as a supplement to the design boards made available during the November 2017 public hearings.

How to Use This Map

If you wish to find a specific property, type the address in the search box located in the upper left hand corner of the map.

To view parcel information, left click on any parcel shown within Prince William County and Fairfax County.
To explore the project, use your mouse to navigate the map. To pan your view of the map, click with your left mouse button anywhere on the map and hold, then drag the map across the screen. To change the scale (zoom in and out), rotate your mouse wheel or click the “+” and “-“ buttons at the top left hand corner of the map. As you zoom in, more information on the project will be available to you. Use the widget ribbon
at the top right hand corner of the map to select map display options.
To view detailed information about aspects of the project, zoom in and select the blue balloon icons (see below) located at important project locations.

Map Widget Ribbon

Click to select the operational layer.

Click to see how this project fits with other major projects expected to be completed in the future under the 2016 Amendment to the CLRP ( .

Click to view the map legend.

Click to display the basemap options gallery.

Click to view the interchange bookmark menu. Select an interchange from the menu to quickly view that interchange.

Click to open the measurement tools. Use these tools to measure linear distance and area.

Click to display Transform 66 project and interactive map information.

Map Balloon Icons

Click to display descriptions and general information.

Click to display future bus service information.

Click to display transportation demand management information, e.g., information on carpool and bicycle facilities.

Click to display pictures and renderings.

Click to play videos