Nutley Street Roundabout Bypass Lanes with Direct Access to I-66 Now Open

About the Project

Corridor Revegetation

As project construction completes, planting of grasses, shrubs, and trees will occur where feasible in the project limits. Plantings from approved VDOT and local government lists will be used, which includes native and other species appropriate for planting in the roadside environment.

Planting will generally happen in the next available planting season following completion of work. Plantings will have a one-year establishment period.

Segment 1 Plans – I-66 Between Route 29 in Gainesville to Route 29 in Centreville

Route 29 Gainesville - PDF, 16.5MB
University Blvd. Park and Ride - PDF, 33MB
Prince William Parkway - PDF, 15MB
Balls Ford Park and Ride - PDF, 60MB
Sudley Road - PDF, 25.5MB
Manassas National Battlefield Park - PDF, 18.5MB
Vandor Lane - PDF, 6MB

Segment 2 Plans – I-66 Between Route 28 and Waples Mill Road; Route 28 Between I-66 and Westfields Blvd

I-66 Between Route 28 and Route 50 - PDF, 41MB
I-66 Between Monument Drive and Waples Mill Road (Supplement) - PDF, 3MB
Route 28 between I-66 and Westfields Blvd - PDF, 33MB
Route 28 between I-66 and Westfields Blvd (Supplement) - PDF, 3MB

Segment 3 Plans – I-66 Between Jermantown Road and I-495

Jermantown Road to Blake Lane - PDF, 31MB
Blake Lane to Cedar Lane - PDF, 31MB
Cedar Lane to I-495 - PDF, 14MB