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About the Project

Route 28 Interchange

The Transform 66 Project will reconfigure the Route 28 Interchange to add Express Lanes access and improve traffic flow on both I-66 and Route 28.

The new design:

  • Builds a new overpass reconnecting Braddock Road and Walney Road providing direct access to and from I-66, as well as to Route 28 to and from the south. (Opened November 2020, with work continuing to add more connections.)
  • Improves traffic flow on Route 28 by removing traffic signals between Westfields Boulevard and Route 29 in Centreville. (Completed November 2020.)
  • Shifts access to the ballfields at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park to a new park access road from Stonecroft Boulevard north of the park. (Opened in November 2019.)
  • Adds access to and from the future Express Lanes from Route 28. (Opens December 2022.)

Get a closer look at what’s planned through the Transform 66 Interactive Map.

New Ramp from Route 28 South to I-66 East Now Open on Left Side of Route 28 

Current loop ramp on right side will close through mid-October 2021

A new ramp from Route 28 South to I-66 East opened Saturday morning, April 17. Drivers on Route 28 South will now stay to the left to access I-66 East using the new ramp. The new ramp is one of several major traffic pattern changes being implemented as part of the redesign of the I-66/Route 28 Interchange.

The current loop ramp from Route 28 South to I-66 East closed on Friday, April 16, and will remain closed through mid-October 2021 to allow for continued construction activity. Traffic from Braddock Road traveling to I-66 East will continue farther south to the exit for Route 29 North, stay to the right for Route 28 North, and then stay to the right and follow signs to I-66 East. 

Route 28 Bridge Demolition

Existing Route 28 bridges must be demolished to create room for new bridges and ramp connections. The Route 28 South bridge will be removed in sections to allow for new bridge and ramps construction while keeping Route 28 open to traffic. Much of the bridge is directly over I-66 and will need to be demolished during overnight hours when multiple lanes can be closed on I-66 to safely accommodate this work. The first phase of partial demolition of the Route 28 South Bridge was completed in March 2021. The remainder of the existing Route 28 South bridge will be demolished later in the project.

New Braddock Road/Walney Road Overpass Now Open With Direct Access from I-66 West And Route 28 North Via New Ramps

The new Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass over Route 28 opened in November 2020, reconnecting Braddock Road and Walney Road and allowing limited access to and from Route 28 and I-66. Additional traffic pattern changes will occur in Spring 2021 to allow eastbound traffic to cross the bridge and provide Walney Road drivers with direct access to Route 28 South and I-66. Express Lanes access will be added later in the project.

Traveling on the Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass:

  • From Braddock Road on the west side, drivers can access Route 28 South, I-66 West, and I-66 East. Eastbound thru-travel to Walney Road will become available in spring 2021.
  • From Walney Road on the east side, drivers can travel westbound across the overpass to reach Braddock Road. Left-turn access to Route 28 South and I-66 will become available in spring 2021.
  • There is no access to Route 28 North. Drivers should use the Westfields Boulevard Interchange.
  • The bridge is not yet open to pedestrians. The new Poplar Tree Road Bridge has a shared-use path that crosses Route 28.

Accessing the Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass:

  • From Route 28 North, access the new overpass by exiting to the left after crossing over I-66.
  • From I-66 West, access the new overpass by exiting toward Route 28 North, then staying to the left to use a new ramp (opened in December 2020). At the top of the ramp, drivers can turn left on to Braddock Road to travel west, or right onto Walney Road to head east. 
  • From I-66 East, exit to Route 28 North, then stay left and follow signs to exit to Braddock Road/Walney Road.
  • Access from I-66 West to Route 28 North remains unchanged.

There is no access from Route 28 South. Drivers should use the Westfields Boulevard Interchange.

Other Progress Toward the New Route 28/I-66 Interchange

  • The final traffic signal near the I-66/Route 28 Interchange, located on Route 28 South at Braddock Road, was removed in November 2020. Drivers may now travel more than 15 miles from south of Route 29 (Lee Highway) in Centreville to Route 7 (Harry Byrd Highway) in Sterling without any traffic signals.
  • Route 28 North shifted to a new bridge over I-66 in November 2020. The old Route 28 North bridge over I-66 will be demolished and replaced later in the project. Drivers traveling on the ramp from I-66 East to Route 28 North now merge onto Route 28 North from the left side of the roadway, with northbound traffic to their right.
  • In October 2020, a new ramp from I-66 West to Route 28 North opened about 500 feet east of (prior to) the old exit ramp. Drivers traveling to Route 28 South will continue in the right-most thru-lane – beyond the new exit to Route 28 North – to reach the existing exit ramp from I-66 West to Route 28 South.

  • The first new exit ramp and bridge at the I-66/Route 28 Interchange opened ahead of schedule in July 2020. The old loop ramp from I-66 East to Route 28 North closed permanently to allow for construction of new northbound Route 28 thru-lanes and additional ramps for the redesigned interchange. Drivers on I-66 East now exit to Route 28 North using a new flyover ramp, located prior to Route 28 and the old loop ramp.

Construction Update (Updated April 6, 2021)

Recent Construction Progress:

  • Route 28 North traffic has shifted to a new bridge over I-66.
  • Route 28 South traffic has been shifted to allow partial demolition of the bridge to make room for the new Route 28 South bridge and new ramps.
  • Bridge deck and beams removed in first phase of Route 28 South bridge demolition

Upcoming Construction Activities:

  • Partial demolition of Route 28 South bridge continues with demolition of piers.
  • New Route 28 South bridge will be built.
  • Remainder of Route 28 South bridge will be demolished later in the project.

Work continues on and around the new Braddock Road /Walney Road Bridge. In spring 2021, drivers from both sides of Route 28 will be able to cross the bridge and access ramps to Route 28 South and I-66 West. (Jan. 18)

A portion of the Route 28 South bridge over I-66 has been demolished as traffic shifts advance at the interchange. Work continues on remaining ramps and bridges needed for adding Express Lanes access. (April 20)

What Neighbors Can Expect

  • Overnight construction activities such as bridge demolition and pile driving will be avoided when possible. However, back-up alarms on equipment and trucks, which are necessary for the safety of construction crews, cannot be avoided at any time.
  • Lighting of the construction area during the nighttime hours will be directed to minimize light pollution for nearby residents.
  • Detours will be in place for extended periods of time to allow for construction.
  • Small-charge dynamite operations continue around the interchange to break up underground rock. Blasting activities generally occur between 11 a.m. and noon, are closely coordinated with safety regulators, and utilize seismic monitoring. Pre-blast structural surveys have been offered for nearby buildings. Contact FAM Construction for more information on these surveys.
  • Every effort will be made to communicate major traffic switches or nighttime work through project emails and the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway website.

What Drivers Can Expect

  • Construction-related detours will be in place periodically.
  • New traffic patterns will be implemented as construction progresses.
  • Drivers should slow down, stay focused, and be alert for construction crews.
  • Drivers should expect additional changes as work advances at the interchange. Sign up for project email updates to keep up-to-date.
  • Traffic stoppages will happen regularly around the interchange between 11 a.m. and noon to accommodate underground blasting.


Anticipated Schedule Dates
Clearing activities begin Fall 2018
Bridge and retaining wall construction begin Spring 2019
Walney Road closure between Rt. 28 and Cabells Mill Rd. May 2019 to November 2020
E.C. Lawrence Park access road opens November 13, 2019
Walney Road-Braddock Road connector bridge opens November 25, 2020
Poplar Tree Road bridge over Route 28 opens November 21, 2020
Remaining traffic signals removed between Westfields Blvd. and Rt. 29 November 9, 2020
Express Lanes open December 2022


Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 4.9MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 4.8MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 3.2MB
Concept plans (I-66) - PDF, 2.9MB
Cross sections - PDF, 26.6MB
Plan and profile - PDF, 40.2MB
Planned I-66 trails near Rt. 28 - PDF, 6.9MB
Upcoming traffic changes (May 2019) - PDF, 3.6MB
Changes to Ramp from Route 28 North to I-66 East (Nov. 2019) - PDF, 387KB
Centreville Area Construction Update Meeting Flyer - PDF, 6MB
Centreville Area Construction Update Meeting Handout (Nov. 18, 2019) -  PDF, 1.5MB
Centreville Area Construction Update Meeting Presentation (Nov. 18, 2019) - PDF, 2.1MB
Centreville Area Construction Update Meeting Boards (Nov. 18, 2019) - PDF, 7.1MB
Flyer for Route 28 South Partial Demolition (Feb. 23, 2021) - PDF, 2.6MB
Presentation to Cabell’s Mill Community Association (Feb. 2, 2021) - PDF, 2MB