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The Transform 66 Project is adding 18 miles of trail along and near I-66, providing new ways for people to move in the I-66 corridor. The new shared-use path forms the central part of the new 66 Parallel Trail in Fairfax County, running along the I-66 corridor from Dunn Loring to Centreville. The trail will open in phases beginning in May 2023 and continuing through the summer. (See opening schedule and status below)

VDOT and its private partner, I-66 Express Mobility Partners (I-66 EMP), worked closely with Fairfax and Prince William counties and their trail plans to develop new and improved trail facilities as part of the overall Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project. In addition to the shared-use path along I-66, the project has improved and built first-time connections across I-66 at many interchanges and overpasses including Route 123 (Chain Bridge Road), Jermantown Road, Route 50, and Route 28.

Opening Status and Timeline

The trail will open in sections beginning in May and continuing through summer 2023, as final work and inspections are completed. Remaining work varies by section and includes paving, lighting of culverts, sign installation, and other punch list items. The below table will be updated as additional anticipated opening dates are available.

Shared-Use Path Opening Status (Updated May 18, 2023)
Between Vienna Metro Station and Cedar Lane, including tunnel under Nutley Street
Through the Nutley Street Interchange/across I-66
Late May (est)
Between Blake Lane and Route 123

Trails map

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I-66 Trail Plans and Design

The path is 10-feet wide, with a two-foot-wide shoulder on each side, in accordance with VDOT standards. In certain space-constrained locations the trail width is reduced to eight feet with shoulders.

The project team has coordinated with bike advocacy groups, homeowner associations, and local residents to develop and refine the design plans, which were presented at public hearings held in November 2017. VDOT received many comments opposed to placing the trail on the residential side of noise barriers in locations where the trail passes near homes. Those comments led to a contract requirement to locate the trail on the highway side of noise barriers in areas adjacent to homes. VDOT also received many comments with concerns about placement of the trail alongside the interstate, which led to design changes around the type of barrier that would be adjacent to the trail.

Between Route 29 (Lee Highway) in Centreville and Gallows Road, approximately three miles of trail is adjacent to the interstate and approximately eight miles of trail is behind the noise barrier or with no noise barrier. Much of the trail alongside I-66 is higher or lower than the adjacent roadway.

Access to the trail is provided about every half mile. The 66 project team has worked with local agencies to identify the best location of each access point. Preliminary access points for the trail between Route 29 and Gallows Road are shown by green arrows in the Conceptual Trail Plan (see map below).

The shared-use path in Fairfax County has been named the 66 Parallel Trail, incorporating and connecting to parts of the county’s existing and planned trail network.

I-66 trail network

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Conceptual Trail Plan in Fairfax County:

I-66 TrailsClick to view larger

In coordination with Prince William County, a future trail to be constructed by others has been proposed on parallel roadways. Two segments of this trail will be adjacent to the park and ride lots at University Boulevard and along Balls Ford Road which were constructed as part of the Transform 66 Project.

Conceptual Trail Plan in Prince William County:

Conceptual Trail Plan

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Bridge Crossings

New bridges over I-66 better accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, while connecting existing and planned bike routes. Improvements include on-road bike lanes, off-road shared-use path, and elimination of at-grade crossings at some interchanges. The project has also built first-time crossings of I-66 at Route 123, Jermantown Road, Route 50, and Route 28, as well as crossings of Route 28 at Poplar Tree Road and Braddock Road/Walney Road.

Other Nearby Trail Projects

Additional nearby trail projects are part of building out the trail network along I-66. These other projects include:

Vienna Metrorail Station Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

VDOT and Fairfax County are working jointly to improve bicycle and pedestrian access in the area of the Vienna Metrorail Station. A series of improvements along Country Creek Road/Virginia Center Boulevard between Sutton Road and the ramp to westbound I-66, and along Sutton Road between Blake Lane and Country Creek Road are planned, with construction anticipated to begin in late 2024 and be complete in early 2026. Construction of interim improvements is planned to be complete in spring 2023 to coincide with Transform 66 Project progress. Learn more about these improvements in this presentation. Learn more about this multi-agency project here.

Post Forest Drive and Random Hills Road Shared-Use Paths

Existing sections of sidewalk along Post Forest Drive and Random Hills Road will be upgraded to 10-foot-wide shared-use paths. Crosswalks will be added and curb ramps improved in this stretch located between Monument Drive and West Ox Road on the south side of I-66 to benefit people making short trips in the neighborhood and longer trips along the I-66 Parallel Trail. Construction is planned to begin in 2025. Learn more here.

W&OD Trail Realignment at Idylwood Park

The Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD Trail) near Idylwood Park (between Virginia Lane and the trail bridge over I-495) in Falls Church has been permanently shifted to a new alignment in conjunction with noise wall construction as part of the Transform 66 Project.

Trail and Sidewalk Closures

Some construction activities require trails and sidewalks in the project corridor to be closed for varying periods. This includes trails along the corridor as well as bridges and underpasses that cross I-66. Providing safe alternate routes is a priority for the project team. Detours will be clearly marked to help pedestrians, cyclists, and others remain mobile.

Sidewalk closures will alternate sides during construction of new bridges. Follow signs.

Current Trail and Sidewalk Closures (Updated May 26, 2023)
Gallows Road over I-66 – Dunn Loring Through summer 2023 Sidewalk is open on the east side while the second portion of the new bridge is constructed. Follow signs.
Nutley Street over I-66 Through spring 2023
Sidewalk will be closed on the east side of Nutley Street between Virginia Center Boulevard/Marshall Road and I-66 to allow construction of new sidewalk and Nutley Street. Use the west side of Nutley Street and follow detour signs.
Vaden Drive over I-66 (also the W&OD/City of Fairfax Connector Trail) - Vienna Through spring 2023
Shared-use path is open on the east side. Sidewalk on the west side is planned to open in May 2023, followed by closure and completion of the east side.
Jermantown Road north of I-66 - Oakton
Through summer 2023
Sidewalk on west side of the new bridge opened in July 2021 with temporary connections to existing sidewalks to thenorth and south. The second phase of bridge construction is underway, including sidewalk on the east side of the bridge and permanent connections on the west side.
Waples Mill Road over I-66 - Oakton Through spring 2023 Pedestrians should use the crossing on the west side of the bridge while phase two bridge construction progresses. Follow signs.
Monument Drive between I-66 and Government Center Parkway Through spring 2023 Shared-use path on east side of Monument Drive between I-66 and Government Center Parkway will be shifted to a temporary path between barriers.
Fair Lakes Parkway between Fair Lakes Shopping Center and Roger Stover Drive Through summer 2023 The sidewalk along eastbound Fair Lakes Circle will be closed for construction of new shared-use path. Use the opposite side.
Bobann Trail along I-66 East - Centreville
Through summer 2023
Trail is closed while being reconstructed. Detours use Centreville Farms Road, Leland Road, and Pickwick Road.


Trail Map – Fairfax County 
Trail Map – Prince William County
Presentation to Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (Feb. 28, 2019) - PDF, 23MB
Presentation to Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (Sep. 16, 2020) - PDF, 5MB
Presentation to Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (July 21, 2021) - PDF, 4.9MB
Presentation to Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling on Vienna Metro Area Trail (July 21, 2021) - 715KB
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