About the Project

Using the 66 Express Lanes

Using the 66 Express Lanes

The Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project provides 22.5 miles of new express lanes (two lanes in each direction alongside three regular lanes), with dedicated express lanes access ramps, and median space reserved for future transit.

Approximately nine miles of new express lanes between Route 29 in Gainesville and Route 28 in Centreville opened ahead of scheduled on September 10, providing early travel improvements to I-66 travelers. 

Tolling and HOV-2+ rules are in place, with information displayed on roadway signs. When the remaining portion of the 66 Express Lanes opens in December 2022, drivers will need to have three or more occupants to qualify as an HOV and travel the Express lanes for free. This change from HOV-2+ to HOV-3+ will apply across the entire I-66 corridor between Route 15 in Haymarket and Route 29 in Rosslyn - including I-66 Express Lanes located inside and outside the Beltway.

How to Use the 66 Express Lanes

  • The Overhead electronic signs before and along the 66 Express Lanes corridor display toll prices, letting drivers know the cost to travel prior to entering any segment of the Express Lanes. Once on the Express Lanes, drivers will see pricing for the next toll segment so that they can decide whether to pay the toll for the next segment or exit the lanes. Drivers lock in their toll price before entering each segment of the lanes. A single trip may include more than one toll segment. Entrances to and exits from the Express Lanes are located to allow drivers to choose how many segments to use in a trip.   
  • Toll rates adjust periodically to manage demand for the lanes and keep traffic free-flowing. When there’s more traffic, prices will be higher. When there’s less traffic, prices will be lower.
  • Toll prices on the 66 Express Lanes vary by the shape, size, and number of axles of the vehicle. Passenger vehicles such as cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and most vans pay the same price. Larger vehicles and large trucks will pay a higher toll price to travel in the lanes.   
  • Drivers can pay a toll to use the Express Lanes using an E-ZPass transponder or by using one of the multiple payment options available through and the 66 Express Lanes Customer Service Center. These other payment options include online payment, mail-in payment, pay by phone, Walmart pay, or in person at the Customer Service Center in Manassas.
  • Drivers can order an E-ZPass at or get one in-person at many AAA offices, Connector Stores, and Giant and Wegmans groceries in Northern Virginia. E-ZPass transponders are free. The opening toll balance requirement has been reduced from $35 to $20.

Outside the Beltway Express Lanes Access Map

High Occupancy Vehicles

  • Eligible high occupancy vehicles (HOV) with an E-ZPass Flex in “carpool mode” can use the 66 Express Lanes toll free. 
  • The Express Lanes operate as HOV-2+ in this initial opening phase, then change to HOV-3+ when the full Express Lanes open at the end of 2022.
  • This change from HOV-2+ to HOV-3+ will apply across the entire I-66 corridor between Route 15 in Haymarket and Route 29 in Rosslyn  – including I-66 Express Lanes located inside and outside the Beltway – and is consistent with HOV requirements on the other express lanes networks in Northern Virginia. 
  • VDOT and the region’s Commuter Connections program have partnered to offer an incentive of up to $366 per person for new HOV-3+ carpools traveling in the I-66 corridor. The program is available now and will pay each participant a cash reward following three months of carpooling, regardless of whether they are a driver or passenger and whether it is a new carpool or an existing HOV-2+ carpool adding a third person. Learn more about the Pool Rewards program and sign up here.

Park and Ride Lots and Commuter Bus

  • The University Boulevard Park and Ride lot opened in 2019 offering 1,000 spaces and Omniride commuter bus service. New routes are planned and an additional 1,000 spaces will open in late 2022.
  • The Balls Ford Road Park and Ride lot will open with a limited number of spaces when the western section of the 66 Express Lanes opens. New commuter bus service and opening of the full 1,300 spaces are planned at the end of 2022. 
  • PRTC’s OmniRide Express offers commuter bus service between the Manassas-Gainesville-Haymarket area and major employment centers including Downtown Washington, Pentagon, L’Enfant Plaza, Navy Yard, Rosslyn, Ballston, Crystal City, and Tysons. Learn more about routes and schedules here.

For more information about the 66 Express Lanes Outside the Beltway, visit For customer service and maintenance concerns, email or call 833-643-2867.


66 Express Lanes Fact Sheet - PDF, 500KB

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