I-66 East Ramps to Route 50 East and West Changing on or about August 22. Learn more.

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Project Videos

Project Summary

Transform 66 Outside the Beltway project overview fly-thru video presenting an animated look at the latest project design. (updated August 2020)

Quarterly Update Videos

Construction update video for Q2 2022, including Express Lanes ramps progress and paving, Route 28 and 29 interchanges, Route 123 bridge and Express Lanes ramp progress. (July 2022)

Construction update video for Q1 2022, including I-66 Express Lanes ramps throughout the corridor, the Route 29 and Route 28 interchanges, Stringfellow Road bridge demolition, and beam lifts at Route 50 interchange. (April 2022)

Construction update video for Q4 2021, including bridge demolition at Route 50 and Gallows Road, bridge beam lifts at the I-495 Interchange, and ramp construction and paving throughout the project corridor. (February 2022)

Construction update video for Q3 2021, including the Balls Ford Express Access Ramps, new bridges at Route 234 Business, Route 29, Jermantown Road, and Braddock Road/Walney Road, and progress at Nutley Street and Route 123. (October 2021)

Construction update video for Q2 2021
Paving progress for future travel lanes, new Route 50 bridges, new access from the Braddock Road/Walney Road connector bridge, and flyover ramp construction at I-495. (August 2021)

Construction update video for Q1 2021
New noise walls, bridge beam installation on new Route 50 spans over I-66, significant work at the I-495 Interchange, and pavement for future travel lanes along the I-66 Corridor. (April 2021)

Construction update video for Q4 2020
A new ramp from I-66 West to Route 234 Business, Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass and ramps opening, and new bridges for Route 123 North, Vaden Drive, and Cedar Lane. (January 2021)

Construction update video for Q3 2020
Balls Ford Road Park-and-Ride Lot progress, opening of the I-66 East to Route 28 North flyover ramp, and bridge beam lifts at Route 29, Poplar Tree Road, Cedar Lane, Gallows Road, and I-495. (October 2020)

Construction update video for Q2 2020
Route 28 corridor progress, Route 123 Bridge beam lifts, and Cedar Lane Bridge demolition. (June 2020)

Construction update video for 2019
Opening of University Boulevard Park-and-Ride lot, bridge beam placement at Route 28, opening of E.C. Lawrence Park Access Road, and demolition of Vaden Drive Bridge. (November 2019)

Other Project Videos

I-66 East and West Seg 1 Express Lanes Seamless Paving done in 24 hours. (August 2022)

At 2,133 feet in length and containing nearly 7 million pounds of steel, the I-66/I-495 interchange flyover is the longest bridge in the Transform 66 Project. (May 2022)

Since October 2019, the Transform 66 Project has fully demolished 17 bridges and partially demolished 16 others, including removal of more than 150,000 tons of concrete deck and more than 500 steel beams. (March 2022)

Over six nights in August 2021, crews installed 24 beams for one of the new Route 28 South bridges over I-66. This video includes close-ups and time-lapse footage of the work. (November 2021)

More than seven miles of new roadway are now open between Gainesville and Centreville. See highlights as crews placed more than 330,000 tons of asphalt for new lanes in Segment 1 of the project. (August 2021)

A look at eight new bridges and ramps being added to the I-66/I-495 Interchange to bring connection between the new I-66 Express Lanes and the I-495 general-purpose and Express Lanes. (July 2021)

See highlights and time-lapse photography of crews placing 105 beams for the new Route 50 bridges over I-66. (March 2021)

A look at continued work building the new Route 28 Interchange, focusing on bridge construction activity and progress so far. (December 2020)

A closer look at activities during summer 2020 to construct several I-66 bridges, including interviews and time-lapse photography for I-495 ramps, Gallows Road, and Cedar Lane. (September 2020)

Highlights of construction efforts at the Route 28 Interchange leading up to opening of the large flyover ramp from I-66 East to Route 28 North in July 2020. Includes interviews and aerial video. (July 2020)
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