Nutley Street Roundabout Bypass Lanes with Direct Access to I-66 Now Open

Traffic & Construction

Property Impacts

Geotechnical and Utility Surveys

Project crews need to know what's underground before they begin heavy construction. This means survey crews are in the field locating and marking utilities that are buried in the corridor, such as phone lines, water lines, and gas lines.

Crews are taking soil samples to determine how strong the soil and rock are where they’ll be building. Some of this work has required clearing trees and brush on VDOT right of way near I-66 – sometimes both inside and outside the noise walls – to make room for soil boring equipment.

Most geotechnical and utility survey work is occurring within VDOT’s right of way. If access to private properties is needed, property owners are being notified on an individual basis.

Right of Way

VDOT and the I-66 Express Mobility Partners team have worked to minimize the right of way required for the project while maintaining the most effective and viable transportation solutions for the 22.5-mile corridor. Efforts to reduce the impact on surrounding properties have resulted in the number of total residential relocations being reduced from 35 to 10, as of summer 2018. In addition, more than 200 partial property acquisitions have been identified.

Outreach to affected property owners began in March 2017 and continued through 2018. The process began with outreach and letters to impacted homeowners, followed by property appraisals and interviews with property owners. Appraisals are generally followed 75-90 days later by offers for properties and acquisition negotiations. Further information about the right of way acquisition process can be found in VDOT’s brochure, Right of Way and Utilities: A Guide for Property Owners and Tenants.

Contact if you have questions about right of way and your property.

If you have construction related questions, please call the Construction Hotline at: 703-662-3892.